Pure pundit poop

Pure pundit poop
: Leave it to Eric Alterman to insult bloggers in a Mark Glaser roundtable:

I think the jury is still out on what effect blogging will have on journalism. The original bloggers who made a difference journalistically were journalists….

There are a few exceptions, there are a few people who are amateur bloggers who are so good at it that journalists have to keep up with what they do. There are a tiny number of them, and I don’t know how they do it financially, I don’t know what the model is…. I don’t know how people who do it for fun do it. My blog is a part of my professional job, but I could never justify the time I devote to it if I weren’t getting paid. Maybe for people who don’t have families.

So the question is, is the model with the voluntary blogger who actually creates great journalistic value on his blog sustainable? I think it’s too early to tell.

Perhaps, Eric, these are simply people who care. What a concept, caring.

What a snotty attitude: Only the pros and a “tiny” number of others can do this. What crap. The whole thing is a bit hard to take but, as always, Alterman takes the cake.

: Reader Howard Aylward forwards this: Alterman discovers that Castro’s not nice.