A game of telephone blog

A game of telephone blog
: Allison Kaplan notes how media works today:

1. Jeff Jarvis sees an item in the Daily Telegraph on the new BBC Middle East ombudsman and posts it on his blog, BuzzMachine.

2. Steven Weiss, one of the bloggers on Protocols, sees the item and posts it on his blog.

3. I see it on Protocols and post it on my blog.

4. Gil Shterzer sees it on my blog. He realizes that it hasn’t hit the Israeli media yet — guess their London correspondents are asleep on the job. He E-mails Ynet, the web site of Israel’s largest newspaper, Yediot Aharonot, and gives them a heads-up.

Ynet runs the item as one of their top stories. (Hebrew link)

So the story travelled from the British press to an American non-Jew’s blog to an American Jew’s blog, to an American-Israeli’s blog, to an Israeli’s blog, to the Hebrew press.

And media is better for it. New sources, new links.

News is a conversation, damnit.