Herr Moore

Herr Moore
: Michael Moore opened his tour of Germany last night in Berlin. Deutsche Welle reports:

“It has not been the easiest year in America to stand up and voice your dissent,” said Moore, leaning his large frame into the podium. “It makes a lot of difference to have friends overseas supporting me.” …

But Moore’s alleged creative handling of the facts in his books and films, a standard criticism in the United States, is beginning to make its way across the Atlantic. German journalists, professors and critics have begun to take off the gloves when talking about the bestseller. Even devoted fans left feeling empty-handed after an appearance they felt was more entertainment than substance.

“I thought it was almost like a kind of cult. He says somebody is crap and everyone cheers,” said Max Klemmt, a truck driver. “I thought he would bring a few more examples and a bit more context.”

: Heiko Hebig says:

I am still somewhat baffled by Moore’s extraordinary success in Germany. He actually sold twice as many books in Germany than he did in his home market – while writing mostly about domestic politics. I guess for one thing, Michael Moore encourages many Germans to keep their bias towards partial ignorance. “Muhaha, 80% of all Americans can’t find Iraq on a map…”

So, please, you average Hans, what’s the state capital of Kansas? Show me Wyoming on a map. And how many members does the U.S. Senate have?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, when will Germany get its own Michael Moore?