Birth of a revolution

Birth of a revolution
: Hoder just realized that it was only two years ago that the Iranian weblog revolution began and today there are tens of thousands of Persian weblogs bringing free speech to a nation without it and extending their news, information, and viewpoints to the world outside.:

Two years ago on this day I published a step-to-step giude on how to creat a Persian weblog, because many people have asked me to–apparently after they had read my Persian weblog for a couple of weeks. The guide helped many people create their own weblog and eventually helped Iranian find the real power of Internet which, to many,was only chat rooms.

Today there are probably more than 100,000 Persian weblogs out there (many of them not active obviousely), producing tons of Persian content everyday about the lives and minds of Iranians in a very important period in the history of Iran, when the religious regime has clearly failed to respond to its own people and is gradually changing.

If only the language barrier didn’t exist, the whole world could see the most accurate and unique insight into the most complicated nation in the mid-east region, and maybe world politicians would really find out what would be the best approach to deal with the Iranian regime.

If you ever doubt the power of weblogs, just look to Iran.