The manly phone

The manly phone
: Howard Stern has my phone, which means that I now have the hip phone. He was showing off his new Treo 600 to the gang this morning. He takes a picture so we can all hear the neat sound it makes. He is proud.

And this leads to a game of phoneupsmanship with Crazy Cabbie, the overnight guy.

Howard says his phone is the best. Cabbie says his phone and the next one he’s getting are better.

Howard shows off a picture of his girlfriend in her panties on his phone.

Cabbie shows off pictures of his naked girlfriend on his phone.

: This is so much better than my last phone. I used to carry the sleek, incredibly thin, silver Sanyo 6000. When I got it, two years ago, a friend of mine played phoneupsmanship when I brought it out and put it on the table for all to admire.

“Hmmmmph,” he grunted. “Do they make one of those for guys?”

Well, I now have the manly phone.