Interactive media:

Interactive media:
: Pretty cool: The University of Giessen in Germany has a Center for Interactive Media. And it’s having a conference. One session: “What comes after the death of newspapers?” (all in German)

  • Asking “What comes after the death of newspapers” is a bit like journalists asking “What comes after the death of horses” circa the time Henry Ford’s Model T starts getting popular.
    Horse, car, reindeer sleigh, Concorde… whatever. The need to get from A to B remains constant. And the need to get from A to B is subservant to people’s need to feed, clothe and shelter themselves, raise children and have meaningful relationships with meaningful people.
    For all our mutual excitement about the time we’re living in, life in nature still remains, as Hobbes would say, nasty, brutish and short. But maybe keeping it in perspective is also part of understanding its true potential.
    I’ve been reading the Old Testament again, can’t you tell? ;-)

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