The blog capital of the world

cafeblog.jpgThe blog capital of the world
: New Yorkers and San Franciscans are known to debate whose city is the blog capital of the world.

They’re all wrong.

It’s Tehran.

Hoder reports the opening of a Cafe Blog in Tehran — not just an Internet cafe but a blog cafe! Hoder didn’t just start a weblog revolution in Iran, he started a weblog industry. Photos from the opening here.

I’m not sure if there is any Cafe for bloggers in other cities, but there is one in Tehran. Actually it’s recently opened in a northern area of Tehran and Ive heard that it’s quite popular among Tehranian bloggers. It’s called Cafe Blog and based on the website, they held some basic technical workshops for their members….

I wish I could have a trip to Iran this year. But it’s too dangerous these days.

Well, after the revolution, when it’s safe to go, bring back a T-shirt, willya?

  • Wow- and I thought we had the market cornered on short-lived businesses based upon popular trends here in the U.S.

  • Jeff, of all the stories you have posted recently, this one excites me the most. I don’t know why that is, but it is.
    This tells the big media/status quo/state “give us what we what we want or we’ll go and make it for ourselves.” In toehr words, we have big meida becasue it’s useful, not because it’s inherently needed. Suddenly the little guy is holding better cards and has more chips to play with.
    Somehow, a cluster of like-minded blogs seems far more powerful a model than having the same people all going to one big website (e.g. “” or “” -I’m just making these names up), like what the model was 5-6 years ago. Anybody have a theory as to why that is?

  • kathy

    Jeff, do you think you could ask Hoder to translate. I kept looking for the English mirror site. It’s a wonderful site and what a statement for freedom.
    Loved it, even if I had to supply my own captions!

  • a friend

    very beautiful
    hey , it’s no dangerous.
    its very good.

  • Hello Jeff,
    I just got back from a vacation in Iran Tuesday. It was wonderful. If you want to go then now is the time. Airfare is reasonable and once you are in the country everything is very inexpensive. Go, you will love it.
    Best wishes,
    Barry O’Connell