After the attacks

After the attacks
: Zeyad is pissed and for damned good reason. His view after the human-bomb attacks on Iraqi and outside civilians is that it’s not about Saddam anymore:

This Saddamophobia has to stop. Suicide attacks are carried out by you-know-who. This is Bin Ladens gift to his fellow Iraqi Muslims. Didn’t he say it himself a while ago?

I demand that all Iraqi diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia and Syria cease immediately. I demand that we expel all foreign Arabs from Iraq until further notice. A little firmness is necessary. We can’t just sit and wait for the next attacks.

Iraq should resign from the Arab League which is just a symposium for dictators. Who the hell needs it anymore? They didn’t even officially show sympathy for Iraqis after the attacks. They should be considered the enemy unless they act promptly to secure their borders and ensure that no Mujahedeen sneak through to Iraq daily. They are the ones to blame. We all know they have an interest in keeping up the attacks and the chaos. They are aware of the fact that they are next on the list after Saddam. They will pursue every possible effort to make the Iraqi example fail.

When attacks are carried out in other Arab countries they consider it terrorism, but in Iraq it is resistance against the occupying Americans.

  • Tilli
    Have you heard about the truly fake Iraqi bloggers?

  • A quote in his comment section gave me real food for thought… wow.
    ‘From Life Magazine, On January 7, 1946, the famous novelist and writer John Dos Passos of Life Magazine penned a piece entitled “Americans Are Losing the Victory in Europe”. The article quotes US GIs to highlight low morale among the troops. “The troops returning home are worried. ‘We’ve lost the peace,’ men tell you. ‘We can’t make it stick.’ The French press is skeptical about US governing and rebuilding of Germany. “You try to explain to these Europeans that they expected too much…They don’t blame us for the fading of that hope. But they blame us now…We have swept away Hitlerism, but a great many Europeans feel that the cure has been worse than the disease.”‘
    The actual link is here: