And then they were Friends

And then they were Friends
: Stern also reports this morning — unbelievable but true — that Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt are going to the Middle East to bring peace. Sure enough:

Where presidents and prime ministers have failed, Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt and wife Jennifer Anniston hope their star power will work wonders in new roles as Middle East peace envoys.

Tinseltown to give a try, led by Brad Bitt (left) and his wife Jennifer Anniston.

They will team up with other actors such as Edward Norton, Jason Alexander and Danny DeVito on a private mission to help resolve the Israeli-Arab conflict.

‘The past few years of conflict mean that yet another generation of Israelis and Palestinians will grow up in hatred,’ said a statement from Pitt and Aniston. ‘We cannot allow that to happen.’

That’s what the Middle East needs: a laughtrack.

And that’s the wonderful thing about stars: They have no idea how stupid they are and they have no one to tell them.

: Meanwhile, did you see that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston’s production company just bought the rights to the story of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl’s murder? That’s what the war on terrorism needs: glamorous victims.

  • Damn, even *I* didn’t figure they were that stupid!
    But remember, if someone tells them the truth, they’re breaking a cardinal rule of Hollywood, and that person will then be Cast From The Star’s Presence, which, out there, is worse than being sent to the wilds of Kansas without a grande decaf vanilla latte.

  • Diana

    If they have the balls to visit Israel while other people are staying away, then I’d applaud them. Israelis are feeling rather alone & abandoned (the tourist industry is in the toilet, etc). I’ll bet you that if they go, Israelis would feel quietly appreciative.
    Also, Brad Pitt is an underappreciated actor. He’d make a very good Danny Pearl.

  • O’McSomething

    Mariane Pearl has the right to sell her story to who she chooses. Maybe she thought they would do a good job w/ the telling.
    JEFF JARVIS is former TV critic for TV Guide and People, creator of Entertainment Weekly, Sunday Editor of the NY Daily News, and a columnist on the San Francisco Examiner.
    Yeah, what’s with these entertainment folks giving their opinions on stuff. Why should we care?

  • Mike

    I gather you like Stern now, since you post about him quite a bit. The show for me lost some its nostalgia in the past few years. The heyday was the early to late 90’s, starting with the pathetically hilarious show on WOR Channel 9.
    Anyway, one thing Stern does do that I always liked was his Hollywood commentaries during the news rap up with Robin. Its been a while since I listened to the show in the morning, maybe I’ll start listening again.
    PS Its ok that they visit. You just hate to see them become media puppets for Arafat’s thugs, is all.

  • Robert Swaim

    “They have no idea how stupid they are and they have no one to tell them.”
    You just did. Thank You!

  • “We cannot allow that to happen.”
    Why do I suspect a “royal we” here?
    I know that Israelis have been feeling abandoned these last couple of years, but I somehow doubt that this “royal visit” will smack of solidarity with their plight…

  • Catherine

    I am sure no one will read this now, but Jennifer Annistan skipped a few awards ceremonies in the months following 9/11 because of fears of being blown up. Those who showed up for the shows felt they were “brave.”