: Read Rosen. Is media bias a red herring? Is all this talk about bias in media about bias that isn’t my bias? Is all this talk about bias in media really about bias against media? Is bias bad?

  • erp

    Bias is bad when its labeled “news.” Bias is good when it’s labeled “commentary” or “opinion.”
    FYI – For you people who went to public school after the 60’s, the word, media, is plural, as in the sentence: “Media were institutional.” The singular of media is medium.
    Similarly, the word, data, is plural, and the singular is datum.
    Amazingly, before our late and unlamented cultural revolution, students from the third grade up were taught grammar, punctuation, conjugation, spelling, etc. We even learned to spell without resorting to the spell check program on our computers.
    Didn’t make us better people, just better communicators.

  • ESP

    Bias is good when it happens to fall in with your particular political or religious leanings.
    Bias is bad when it does not.
    Whether it is news or commentary/opinion does not seem to matter much anymore.
    Is the plural of “bias”, bia?
    Just being a wise ass.

  • I selectively make media plural and singular. Blogger’s prerogative.

  • erp

    Gee. I thought you were just being a bi-ass. That’s a technical term loosely translated as epikarsios.
    Actually you have me at a disadvantage with your powers of ESP.

  • button

    Is ‘Happy Chatter’ a kind of bias? It has become one of my biggest pet peeves about TV news lately.
    Oddly enough, I believe some people would consider it a kind of bias.

  • Werner Heisenberg

    Everyone’s biased? This is news in 2003?

  • S. Dali

    I was telling Pablo this just the other day. What did that momzer tell me in reply? Yadada yadada dada.