We won’t have to explain “blog” anymore when…

We won’t have to explain “blog” anymore when…
: When they make Page One of the New York Times. Check.

: When a character on a sitcom has one. Waiting.

: When somebody on a reality show has one. Surely.

: When a criminal on Law & Order confesses on one. Naw.

: When a pulp fiction criminal confesses on one. Surely.

: When a country singer sings about one. Inevitable.

: When The Daily Show mentions blogs. Check.

: When Jay Leno makes a joke about blogs. Waiting.

: When a major TV pundit responds to one on the air. Soon.

: When a major TV pundit gets a blog. Maybe.

: When major media, having ignored them, suddenly decides they’re yesterday’s news. Check.

: When a newsmagazine has a cover billing on them. Just wait.

: When VCs try to make money off them. Check.

: When Microsoft tries to make money off them. Hmmmm.

: When big brands like Absolut advertise on them. Check.

: When you hear your parents use the word in a sentence without gulping. Check.

Getting there.

Horst Obst adds:

:When Al-Qaeda attacks some of them. Check!

  • My daughter has a blog. I’ve gotten used to it. Maybe you can check that last one off.

  • Mara

    Don’t write off Law & Order – they’ve been fairly computer savvy through the show’s run. I think Criminal Intent would probably do it and not the mothership, but that’s me.

  • Dark Avenger

    They had the guy behing “Where’s Raed” on CNN’s American Morning a few days ago. He was interviewed the way they used to interview Mafia informants, in the dark with only an outline showing.
    They were interviewing him about his book, not his blog, but it shows that blogs are becoming a little better known than before.

  • Yeah, but what happens when blogs do become mainstream? Suddely we bloggers will have nothing to write about.

  • Hugh – I bet the post-hype curve will be just as whiny ;)

  • Horst Obst

    :When Al-Qaeda attacks some of them. Check!

  • I wonder how many people, sitting at their PC’s with the Daily Show playing in the background, dashed off a, “John Stewart made a blog joke!” post.
    I’m one.

  • we’re getting there….
    although I can’t imagine the day when I don’t have to explain it….again…
    I even have to define it to my wife every week or so…

  • Tomi

    I was speaking to a member of our US Senator’s staff yesterday and wanted him to have a look at some Iraqi blogs.
    What’s a blog?
    After I explained it to him there was not a single flicker of recognition.
    Me: Um…the President has one…
    Him: I’ll definitely look into this…
    Wow, I am *so* on the vanguard!!! Seriously, no one I speak to seems to know what a blog is…sigh!

  • Tomi – like high-ranking executives who have their secretaries print out their email, politicians are famously un-tech.

  • When Disney folds the kid-blogs venture (blogs.go.com?) that they have yet to create.

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