Just fine

Just fine
: For the second day, the Guardian is trying to make Tony Blair’s heart episode bigger than it is. Yesterday, they started talking about him leaving office. Today, they talk to five people who had “similar” health scares. Except there’s nothing similar about them. Three of these people had heart attacks, one had a heart bypass, and one had breast cancer. Those are all way, way more severe than what Blair (and I) have. Atrial fibrillation is an inconvenience and as such it’s a little freaky and depressing. But it’s not life-threatening; it needn’t change your routine; it doesn’t reduce your abilities in any way; it’s hardly a call for retirement, no matter how much the Guardian might wish it.

: Meanwhile, in the Indepenent, Blair blames it all on strong European coffee. Did Chirac make it?

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  • This story fits into a much larger story (i.e. Blair is on his way out).
    Blair can no longer bridge the gap between (the basically conservative) Middle England and the (basically socialist) Labour Party. He no longer has the lure of power to keep people on message. Hence the Fourth Estate is moving in for the kill. Iraq, health, it doesn’t matter. The daggers would still have been drawn.