DOS attack, again

DOS attack, again
: My host — same host for Instapundit and a lot of weblogs — suffered another DOS attack tonight; that’s why we were all off the air.

  • Can someone find these people and hurt them? Videotape it. I’ll buy.

  • Time to find another better protected host methinks. It is bloody annoying I have to agree with you.

  • It sounds like a concentration of media ownership that needs to be broken up post-haste.

  • It’s an interesting problem – how to defeat Denial of Service attacks – for which no good solution yet exists. It is not at all the host’s fault – its job, after all, is to serve web pages – and a Denial of Service attack works by making it do that, only more so.
    A properly-orchestrated attack will not reveal the perpetrators themselves, but will come, unknown, from a thousand people whose PC’s have been hacked. And though a simplistic attack would flood the site with broken or irregular protocol requests – packets that can be recognized as out-of-the-ordinary and to some extent guarded-against – more sophisticated attacks do not. How can your routers even tell, packet-to-packet, that your site is being attacked? You can look at the logs afterwards, I suppose, but that huge spike could just as easily have been caused by a link from Instapundit.
    But more… a denial of service attack does not just attack the server by keeping it continuously busy at maximum capacity. It also attacks [at least] the “last mile” of the network into the server site: it consumes all of the bandwidth coming into- the site, too. Even if the site were able to distinguish honest requests from malevolent requests, the carrier network could not.
    Meantime, patience people. Our time will come.

  • Time to find another better protected host methinks.
    A little naive, methinks. Amazon, CNN, etc, etc…all DoS-ed in the past year. Anyone and everyone is a potential target, all you have to do is piss off the wrong script kiddie.

  • Yeah. What Seki said.

  • Andrew Dodge: You have got to be kidding! Hosting Matters is one of the best there is. Good luck finding a ‘better protected host’. And yeah, what Sekimori said.