: Zeyad has another nice post today about the violence still occurring in Iraq and the coverage of it: A bomb exploded right in front of his grandmother’s house as a Humvee passed by; no one was hurt; no damage to the vehicle. But Al-Arabiyah TV shows up; a bearded guy who wasn’t there says GIs were injured and the Humvee destroyed; Zeyad and his brother and neighbors tell them this is all wrong and the “witness” wasn’t even there. On TV: “3 Americans badly injured and one Jeep damaged at …. in Baghdad.”

  • Tim

    Zeyad’s brother sounds like a great guy. First he escapes death at the hands of some thugs (attempting to fight back too) and then he chants LIAR, LIAR in front of the cameras. Thanks for pointing out a GREAT blog, Jeff.

  • James H. Clark

    Dear Jeff,
    I am a retiree who has only recently discovered the “blog” world. Would you consider placing a link to “Healing Iraq” in your mideast section? It would be a convenience.
    I particularly like the religious items such as the mentions of your sister’s and your concerns. Something seems to be evolving and it seems world over.
    With hearty endorsement,
    Jim Clark

  • Chip Seiple

    To whomever,
    I’ve been trying to link to Zayed’s Healing Baghdad for 3 days, and each time my computer crashes. Does he not have a good ISP connection? Anyone have a suggestion? I did notice an entry today?! HELP
    Millersville, PA

  • Jabba the Nutt

    When are the Iraqis going to get their own satellite tv statiion? Relying on Al Jazeera and Al Arabiyah is insane.

  • button

    Chip, if you are using Microsoft I Explorer:
    When you are on his page, look for the little browser icon in the address space of yr browser.
    Try clicking and dragging that icon to your bookmarks.
    NOTE: sometimes, I’ve discovered, if this doesn’t work– you have to click on the icon TWICE for it to work.
    Give it a try. I’m not a techie and I can’t diagnose what yr problem might be.