Hyperlocal blogs

Hyperlocal blogs
: Steve Outing just wrote a damned fine column (we think) on the hyperlocal blogging experiment we’re running at Advance.net. Outing concludes: :”Community publishing was a good idea in the late ’90s that just didn’t pan out. Maybe this time the industry will get it right.”

  • Jeff-
    I’d point out one flaw in the column:

    An obvious problem with citizen reporters is that they typically come with a point of view.

    The obvious problem with “professional” reporters is that they typically come with a point of view; one that they prefer not to acknowledge.
    Citizen reporters usually are willing to admit such a bias, are expected to have a bias, and can work to keep it in check.

  • Oh, and about that whole “bias” deal – as a 25-year journalist who used to work in “da newsroom” and now works from home (a joy), one of the reason my stories now are LESS biased is that I don’t a cadre of cynical, crusty, eye-rolling editors above me who often tried to “fix” my stories (or insert their own editorial views, slyly or obviously). (Not to mention how much time I used to have to spend selling story ideas to those same Grand Poobahs of What’s News. Nope, don’t miss it a bit!;-)
    I sorta think I work for a local blog, too — not nytimes.com, but http://www.bend.com – and it’s no diary, but my all-out effort to cover local news here. And many people kindly have said they prefer it to the Big Daily where I used to toil. I do, too;-)

  • I’m glad to read I’m not the only guy who blogs about local politics. Somethings I wonder if I have a local audience.
    Outing’s column his it right on the head.

  • I hadn’t heard the term before, but I guess we’ve been “hyperlocal” blogging here since last fall: OrangePolitics.org
    It’s going pretty well, not withstanding the current summer hiatus.