Arnie envy

bildarnie.jpgArnie envy
: The German tabloid Bild [via Generation Next] has severe case of Teutonic jealousy over the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This Page 1 reads:

Schwarzenegger’s Triumph




– Instead of blabla, he speaks clarity!

– He has a strong will!

– America believes in him!

That iron will thing gives me the heeby-jeebies, eh?

But the story is even more amazing. Second paragraph (and if I mistranslate any of this, one of my more multilingual friends will help me out, I’m sure):

First thought: For God’s sake, not another wandering Austrian. The other one caused enough problems.

German understatement? German irony?

The paper says that the Federal Republic, though only 50 years old, has grown “senile.” What they need, it says, it someone with unconventional thinking, independence, American courage, and the power of vision.

Wow. Who’d have thought these days that the Germans like us, they really like us? Electing a landsman apparently helps.

The story says that in the postwar years, the German government was a “repair shop,” but that’s not what’s needed now. Now they need vision and strength for “we are in the worst crisis of the post-war period.”

But instead, Bild says, Germany is stuck with its “pale faces and blabla” and every attempt at renewal is suffocated. “We suffer under too many badly functioning functionaries.”

Well, it’s clear: Caleeforneea should annex Germany: Lebensraum in reverse.