Homeward bound

Homeward bound
: First and foremost, give a hand to Dave Winer and the Harvard Law School Berkman Center for throwing Bloggercon.

Fine, Dave’s a controversial figure. Fine, some sessions were better or worse than others; always the case. And, yes, I hated being away from the kids for a precious weekend.

But if you didn’t go, you missed something good.

What struck me most, in the end, was the community in which I now find myself. I started making a list of all the people I already knew — in person or via blog — whom I’m glad I got to see here and added in the new nice and smart people I met and it’s a long list (in no order, with no links, just a few: Dave, David, Chris, Chris, Scott, Doc, Dan, Joi, Glenn, Halley, AKMA, Kaye, Dan, Ed, Oliver, Elizabeth, Len, Hylton, Adam, Andrew, Britt, Cam, Gene, Scott, Susan, James, Jay, Josh, Matt, Phil… you get the point). The hallways were great.

So thanks, Dave and company.

: More posts on the remainder of the day later, on the other end….