God and blogging

God and blogging
: Last night, I walked to the blogging wine & cheese fest with the Rev. AKM Adam and his blogging son, Si. AKMA knows my sister, the Rev. Jarvis.

We talked about the effort it takes to get churches to start weblogs. (My son is using Movable Type to replace my little church’s little site soon.) There’s still some ignorant fear of this Internet thing. But that will have to fade.

AKMA said one of the best reasons for church’s to create weblogs is so they can be found in Google.

Yes, even God needs Googlejuice.

: And here’s why He needs it: I don’t usually go to church when I’m out of town but I thought I would this morning because it’d be neat to sit in a service in a sanctuary built in 16something. So I went online to find a like-minded congregation but found, to my shock, that not one of the possible churches here had more than one late service.

So instead, I’m headed over to Bloggercon, where, of course, they’ll be worshipping blogs.