Let the blogging begin

Let the blogging begin
: BloggerCon begins. The night-before the day before the day after starts with a party. Adam Curry generously bought everybody a drink at the Hong Kong, a Harvard hangout no doubt started by a Yale graduate who wanted to kill all these Harvard people via arteriosclerosis. I love fried food but, damn, I’ve never seen things fried like this.

: Suddenly, standing around one table, you have Glenn Reynolds, Dave Winer, Doc Searls, Josh Marshall, Dan Gillmor, Ed Cone (I’m too lazy to link; go here), some of them meeting face-to-face for the first time. The phenomenon is always the same: You know these people before you know them. Winer said that about Reynolds as we walked through Cambridge; it was exactly the impression I had the first time I met him: He’s exactly what you’d expect. We all are. Know my blog, know me.

Just one exception to this rule: Josh Marshall never looks like his photo.

: I do like Boston and Cambridge. I worked here for one weird month when I headed up content for Delphi soon after Murdoch bought it (I was still at his TV Guide then). Delphi was the real leader in the internet, the first dial-up ISP to offer Internet access. But that was before the browser. The Internet was text. Now it’s media. And Delphi, sadly, blew it, working on its AOL killer instead of its web browser until it was too late. I had the good sense to get out only a month after I’d arrived and I’m still relieved that I did. But I’ve always regretted not making this town home. It’s a neat place.

: Winer is running BloggerBootCamp, starting too early in the morning. And I want to start earlier for a quick, cold run. So I’ll leave now. Until tomorrow….