: There are some good comments in the comments lately.

: Note Mike G’s comment on comments (sorry, I’ll stop that now) about the real reason the right is on the rise: because they’ve captured the ability to sound reasonable.

: Glenn Reynolds and Oliver Willis have a go in the comments about the CIA scandal about bloggers’ obligation, if any, to cover it here.

: Dave compares and contrasts blogging and journalism in interesting ways here.

: But then, this being an open forum, not every comment can be a gem. For example, Jerry says something stupid here.

It’s so gratifying when (most of the time) I find so many thoughtful opinions and links in the comments.

Group hug.

Shucks, thanks
: Since we’re hugging already, I want to thank some folks for nice things they’ve dared to say about me in public: Steve Outing, Jay Rosen (in the left column), and Terry Teachout.