More on anger

More on anger
: Marcus on Harry’s site sticks a pin in the balloon of hot air coming from quisling MP Clare Short’s mouth. She said:

I am sure that wherever he (bin Laden) is, down there or up here, he is saying it has all gone according to his plan,

  • ct

    Yes, everything has gone exactly to plan from Osama’s point-of-view… (There’s a fertile subject for a good political cartoonist in that statement…)

  • button

    You want angry?
    This is a NJ blog called ‘pinktalk:’
    I don’t know why everyone these days seems so angry. We got road rage and standing-on-line rage and all kinds of rage.
    I don’t think it’s all connected to 9/11.

  • ….a moment with Easycure

    Everybody is in too much of a rush. That’s the problem.
    Kids want to be grown up.
    Adults are in a hurry to get to work.
    Everybody is rushing around.
    For heaven’s sake, slow down, think about what you are doing, and do it right. (This applies at work, at home, changing lanes, whatever.)

  • Could any of this be traced back to the kids not being taught at a very early age that tantrums not only don’t work but will not be tolerated ??
    That seems to be sorely missing these days!