British pop culture hooliganism

British pop culture hooliganism
: David Blaine, the straight-faced magician and ladykiller, has been attacked by British hooligans and I got a call from the BBC to be interviewed on an overnight show tonight at 2:20a, London time (I’ll be playing the role of the fast-talking New Yorker).

Blaine, you’ll recall, plans to spend 44 days without food in a box suspended over London.

When he stood on top of a pole in New York, we went to the park and just stared at him. We don’t have lives, perhaps, but at least we’re polite.

In London, however, Brits have been throwing eggs at his box and barbecuing meat underneath it to make him hungry. They don’t have lives, either, but at least they do have a sense of humor.

Howard Stern was chortling about this just this morning.

Then things got out of hand and one hooligan tried to cut Blaine’s water, shouting, “Go home David, go back to America. We don’t want you here…”

And we think the Brits are more civilized.

: Update: Just did the interview and had fun doing it. Cash Peters, whom we hear on NPR, joined in. He said the British are going after Blaine because they can’t stand to see anyone stand out and that’s why he loves America. I said that Blaine’s next, more treacherous trick would be to go to France.