The NY Post

The NY Post
: Here’s the link to my NY Post op-ed on PBS, 9/11, and globalization.

: I neglected to give props to John Podhoretz, New York Post columnist, who arranged this after seeing my post on the show. I’ve been trying to convince John, via email, that he should blog. But he’s busy writing a book.

: I’m already getting emails from folks about the piece; power of the press.

: The only thing wrong with getting a nice, long plug from Glenn Reynolds is that he links to the op-ed piece (of course) and I’m not getting any damned traffic.

: I forgot to put on my American flag lapel pin today. Oh, well, having a piece in the Post is the moral equivalent.

: See these wise words in my comments:

You can divde the Left into to camps – the Progressive Left, for whom liberal prinicples are a means to advance human progress, and the Scoldy Left, for whom liberal principles are a vehicle to turn the world into a morality play where they can harp endlessly about how baaad someone or something is. Perhaps Progressives vs. Scorners might be more apt. They do seem to do a lot of scorning.

Mr. Jarvis, with this editorial, seems to be launching an effort on behalf of the true progressives to reclaim the left from the scorners and scolders.

: Here’s a permanent link to the column (since it goes off the Post in seven days).