Ah, celebrity

Ah, celebrity
: This, from Au Currant, is too funny:

I love Naomi Campbell. She’s so beautiful, so bitchy and so trainwrecky. You can imagine how much this has cheered me:

Naomi Campbell says she confides in Nelson Mandela about her personal problems and love life…

“He always wants to know how I’m doing. My personal life, my love life, my problems, I just tell him.”

I can just imagine Nelson freaking Mandela getting woken up at 2 AM by a telephone call from a raging Naomi Campbell, in floods of tears because she caught her 65 year old boyfriend in bed with Heidi Klum and suspects her personal assistant has been cutting her coke with coffee creamer.

The obvious straightline is that this is the guy who has been slamming America and taking Saddam Hussein’s side in humanitarian wars; shows what’s on his mind.

But the more serious observation is that this is what happens when a smart and heroic man leaves the media-isolation of prison and gets bitten by the celebrity bug. It’s just so much damned fun to be famous, eh, Nelson?