Wi-Fi and the political conventions

Wi-Fi and the political conventions
: Will the Democratic and Republican conventions be wi-fi’ed?

They should be.

The press should demand it: instant communication.

The delegates should demand it: instant politicking.

We should demand it: Instant blogging, a new perspective on what has become a dull, predictable, stage-managed, unimportant event.

: Update: In the comments comes this fascinating insight into technology and TV news from someone at ABC News:


I read your post about Wi-Fi at the political conventions with great interest. I am a project manager for the operations division of ABC News and we are actively working with both parties to encourage them to make Wi-Fi available not only at the conventions but also during the primaries.

We are planning to use Wi-Fi for our own production oriented activites including email and, to a lesser degree, for sending video files to our news room. ABC News has trained a number of its correspondents to shoot video in the field and transmit it using a laptop and DV camera.

: When I complained about having problems with my high-speed access at Doubletree (did I remember to tell you: Doubletree sucks?), a quick-thinking of marketing at Wayport popped right in to offer his help.

Let’s see who’s quickest on this: Who will volunteer to wi-fi the conventions and primaries for media, participants — and bloggers, getting great publicity and goodwill in the process: Wayport, T-Mobile, Boingo….