: I know that the Barney’s Warehouse Sale has been out (as opposed to in) for years now. But I still go. That’s where I get my suits (protective coloration at Conde Nast, as a colleague says). I’ll confess that but for the grace of a half-hour, I would have been stuck there when the lights went out a week ago (boy, would that have been embarrassing).

Anyway, as the sale sputters to its close this weekend, I must sadly report that it ain’t what it used to be.

They closed off whole hunks of the floor at the 17th Street warehouse; they are simply selling less.

The suits included hardly any designer labels; it’s just Barney’s private-label stuff (which is nice, but it’s no Boss and certainly no Aramani).

The crowd was clearly thin; today they shut down the downstairs checkouts.

What am I going to do? Pay retail?