Freedom of religion

Freedom of religion
: The religious nuts who want God in government refuse to understand that the Constitution is their best protection.

They want prayer in school. They want the 10 Commandments in court.

They want to be ayatollahs. And fine for them as long as they are the ayatollahs; they’d have their way.

But what happens when I win the election? When I’m America’s ayatollah, I will decree gay marriage a fine thing. I will make abortion legal. I will get rid of laws concerning sexual behavior of adults. I will free Howard Stern to say whatever the F he wants on the radio. I will decree nudity a matter of free speech, bringing breasts to billboards as my little celebration of God’s creation and my effort to beautify America.

Yes, I’d make a fine ayatollah, if I do say so myself.

Don’t you see, Bubbas? Once you open the door for one religion to be in government and schools and courts, you open the door for that religion to be a religion other than yours. And that closes the door on yours. Once you let one religion in, you kick other religions out. That is wh we let none in.

That is precisely the protection of Constitution affords all faiths.

Our founding fathers were damned smart.

And you, Bubbas, are frighteningly stupid.

: I’m getting hell for using the apparently unPC term “Bubba.” Fine, I apologize to all the shit-kickers who kicked the shit out of me for that. But I’ll still call “Judge” Moore Bubba because I do want to insult him and if Bubba is an insult then Bubba is what I will call him.

: Also note the comments and the effort to say that a little God here or a few commandments there must be OK. Slippery slope, folks. Once you have someone saying what is and what isn’t OK religion, then you’re in trouble. Don’t cross that line. To a Buddhist or a Hindu, the 10 Commandments aren’t kosher; to an atheist, yes, God does not compute.

Separation of church and state is not anti-God or anti-church. The Constitution is strongly pro-God and pro-Church precisely because it protects your God and your Church (or whatever) from government interference. You’d think that anti-government religionists would be the first to get that, but they will be the last.

: Update: The woman who brought the case against “Judge” Moore — and the decidely unChristian behavior of alleged Christians against her. God bless her; she’s the one defending both God and the Constitution.