Blackout: The next morning

Blackout: The next morning
: A current wire story on the blackout here. A story about newspapers struggling to get out here.

Here‘s the GoogleNews page on the blackout.

The CNN wrapup.

: The update for readers of Advance Internet services: If power is restored to our location in Jersey City this morning, we will be able to start bringing back services after 7 a.m. Home pages will, at first, be outdated (that is, whatever was sitting there when the blackout hit) but editors will be updating them as quickly as possible. Newspaper feeds will be delayed but they, too, will go up as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding.

: 7 a.m.: The latest for Advance Internet (since I see this morning that there’s a link on our blackout page to this weblog): Power is being restored now to our HQ in Jersey City. When it is back up and the servers are brought back, within an hour, then we will point traffic back to the main pages for the services (which will be out of date for a short time) and editors will then be able to update their services and get feeds of newspaper content resent.

: Here’s an image of the U.S. power grid and its spider veins, via Instapundit.

: Meanwhile, in Canada.

: Today’s story is the blame game. Bush, Pataki, Clinton, Chretien… they’ve all started apportioning blame and pointing fingers about this fragile system.

More on the U.S./Canadian cross-border finger-pointing here.

: Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday afternoon that everything would be back to normal in New York City this morning. I said then that he’d regret those words.

He’s now saying that everything will be normal in New York City tomorrow morning.

: Blackouts through history.

: NJ outages: The Star-Ledger has a map this morning finally showing where power was lost in New Jersey. The heaviest outages were all clustered in Hudson, Union, and Essex counties. This morning, PSE&G had all but 15,000 customers back online by 7 a.m.