The anniversary

The anniversary
: The city just announced plans for the second anniversary of September 11.

: Children of the victims will read the names of the dead (God, I can’t imagine how hard that would be). Children will also perform music.

: The families will descend the ramp and lay flowers on the lowest level.

: At night, the Towers of Light will come back for one night and the city plans to bring them back on every anniversary (I applaud this).

: Crain’s New York (in a story behind its barbed wire) says that most businesses will operate as normal on the anniversary this year, including Broadway, which shut down last year.

The Wall Street Journal reports that there will be little commemorative news coverage and that advertisers will promote as usual.

: Michele fears that we have forgotten too much only two years later.

: I doubt that we’ve found the proper level of commemoration: A shut-down is too much; normal is too little.

We need some unavoidable if brief tribute simply so we do not try to forget.

For example:

At the moment the first jet hit and at the moment the second tower fell, all broadcasters observe a moment of silence; all busiensses and schools observe a moment of silence; all churches ring their bells. Just so we remember.

: I will take off work on Sept. 11 and go to the World Trade Center, reporting on the day here as I did last year.