Unfair and unbalanced (and unfunny)

Unfair and unbalanced (and unfunny)
: I’ve defended FoxNews with horrified journalist friends and I’ve rolled my eyes at the once-funny Al Franken but in this case, I have to side with Franken:

Fox News Channel has sued liberal humorist Al Franken and the Penguin Group to stop them from using the phrase “fair and balanced” in the title of his upcoming book.

Filed Monday in Manhattan, the trademark infringement lawsuit seeks a court order forcing Penguin to rename the book, “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right.” It also asks for unspecified damages.

Fox News registered “Fair & Balanced” as a trademark in 1995, the suit says.

Franken’s “intent is clear – to exploit Fox News’ trademark, confuse the public as to the origins of the book and, accordingly, boost sales of the book,” the suit said.

Sounds like Bill O’Reilly having a hissy fit.

Fox should just have a sense of humor and let it go.

Hey, Fox attorneys, you might want to go after this on competitor CNN and this and this and this and this.