: First and foremost, let me pat the Episcopalians on the back (if such a touch would not be seen as sexually inappropriate by some looney parishioner). They elevated Bishop Robinson. They left it to locals to decide on holding gay committment ceremonies and thus blesses those that do occur. The Presbyterians should be half as Christian.

: James Lileks said one good thing about gay marriage in his Newhouse column:

Does gay marriage threaten heterosexual marriage? Of course! Who knows how many women woke last week to find notes on the kitchen table: “Dearest Wife, now that homosexual sodomy is legal in Texas, I have to go try it. Took the cell phone. Farewell.”

No, if heterosexual marriage is threatened by anything, it’s by heterosexuals. Famous heterosexuals in particular. We see them grinning from the covers of gossip mags, celebrating wedding No. 9 or dissolving marriage No. 14, or just having a hot fling with whatever good-gened, white-toothed cretin is the flavor of the season….

Say what you will about gay marriage, it’s nice to see someone taking the institution seriously.

: But then, on his bleat, Lileks sings a slightly different tune regarding Bishop Robinson. He complains that Robinson should not have left his wife and children just so he could sleep on the other side of the fence — a meme I’ve been seeing on weblogs and in my own comments, below.

Mike at Begging to Differ begs to differ, giving a heartfelt summary of Robinson’s heartfelt struggle with his sexuality and family life and religion, a story well worth reading.