Iron Mike rusts

Iron Mike rusts
: The Smoking Gun has Iron Mike Tyson’s bankruptcy filing, of course. Some fun reading:

: $308k for limousines

: $61lk for a Ferrari (what, you need both?)

: A financial consultant called Jimmy Henchmen from a company called SECRETS. Hmmmm.

: And here’s the gem: $86k to two Arizona doctors who, upon Googling, turn out to be the creators of something called The Fourth Domain:

This series of meditation exercises is based on the research of two leading mental health professionals who have merged the medical understanding of brain functioning during the altered states of meditation with ancient prayers of empowerment.

The first exercise is a dynamic meditation exercise, which enables you to make the spiritual space necessary to achieve Divine Awareness. On this journey, you will learn to relax the body and mind to prepare your receptivity for Divine Awareness. Drs. Barksdale and Gibson have discovered the unique spacing and timing of sounds to allow you to consistently maintain the convergence and balance of your physical, mental and spiritual domains. This balanced convergence is the 4th Domain. The ancient prayers of the Kabbalistic and Shinto Metaphysical Traditions are employed to further open you to Divine awareness.

Hooboy. Yeah, money well spent.

And for only $250, you can get a “soul potential report” to find out where your soul is when you’re sleeping.