It’s all our fault

It’s all our fault
: Kaveh points us to a provocative Usenet post on Iranians blaming America written by an Iranian expat in America answering an Iranian complaining about us:

Let me ask you something. . .have you bothered looking into the collective soul of Iranians as a people?

Is it the United States who is responsible for Tehran’s 8 million

drivers who can’t seem to extend common courtesy to each other respect

right of way driving in between lanes, or stop at a red lights?…

Is it the United States fault that Iranian women who are beaten by

their husbands and ask for a divorce have to leave their child with

the bastard who was beating them?! And speaking of that do you know

how many Iranian men are abusive to their wives?

Were those Americans who were riding motor cycles in the streets last

month beating students with chains?…

People like you don’t want to address what is wrong with us Iranians

as a nation. You want to say it’s all America’s fault or it’s all the

Arabs fault. . .I have news for you: Iranians have been screwing other

Iranians longer than any other nation has screwed Iran. Five Hundred

years after there were no more Arabs ruling Iran, Iranians were

screwing their fellow countrymen over.

In the last 100 years Iranians screwed Iranians.

I know. . .I know. . .your going to say that the Mossadegh Coup was

all America’s fault. . .well let me tell you, America sent a single

American (Kermit Roosevelt. . .grandson of the former president) to

Iran with a bag filled with 1 million dollars to start that Coup, but

the people who accepted the money, and ran in the streets and beat

Mossadegh’s people were Iranian not Americans. If you came to

downtown New York with a truck full of money (a billion), and asked

people to betray America, you would get your ass beat by the first

poor Puerto Rican from the Bronx, but a million dollars was enough for

Iranians to sell their own country down the drain.

Who is the monster?. . .the American who showed up with a million or

the Iranians who accepted the money and changed sides at the drop of a


Iranians are the biggest roadblock to the welfare of fellow Iranians

in Iran. Not Arabs, not Americans not Aliens from Mars!…