: Howard Stern was ranting quite rightly about star twit Kate Hudson’s sound bite saying that she was just in France and she understands why people hate us because we’re loud and ask for ketchup.

Yes, that’s why the terrorists attacked us: Ketchup.

Howard says he demands an apology. Damn straight.

: Now I have her quote: “I’ve been listening to some Americans. Of course they hate us. Of course they can’t stand us. We’re the most annoying, boisterous creatures in the world.”

And the French?

  • What this Kate Hudson?
    ‘Kate Hudson, a self-described shopaholic, is a real pro with a charge card and the pregnant actress says she’s been chomping at the bit to start looking for mom-to-be wear. “I’ve been waiting for this moment,” she said. “I can’t wait until it’s time to find fun and stylish maternity wear.”‘

  • c monks

    Since when did French terrorists attack us?

  • Soren Ryherd

    No, no, it wasn’t French terrorists. It was some other people from whom we loudly demanded ketchup.

  • c monks

    If we had only asked for “catsup” instead. Damn you double spellings of words for condiments!

  • balbulican

    Given the number of Arab immigrants to France, the scenario is clear.
    The scene…a crowded bistro in the 14ieme arrondissement. Two adjacent tables…chequered cloths, drippy Chianti-bottle candles. Around one table, a group of bearded, Marxist deconstructionists glower beneath their berets and gnaw unpalatable cheeses. Around the other, swarthy, scowling burnoose-draped followers of Allah devour olives and figs.
    A cheerful American family walks by…god-fearing, clean cut, decent folks who dress like normal people and talk plain English, the language that was darned well good enough for the Founding Fathers.
    The Marxists and Moors sneer and gnash.
    “Zut!” snarls Jacques. “Americans. I’ll bet if we could hear them talking, zey would be talking…loudly!”
    Abdul, meanwhile, is hissing to his swarthy compatriots. “By the Beard of the Prophet, we are blessed that those infidels passed us by, my brothers, for I could not have remained here and watched them flood their vile foodstuffs with the foul vinegared renderings of the tomato…”
    Their eyes meet in an unholy communion…

  • Puce

    bablic sergicle porcishun

  • Fredrik

    A long time ago, I too thought of the French as the most arrogant and annoying people of all. But something has changed during the last decade.
    The French no longer use the pacific ocean for nuclear testing. The French nowadays, while still arrogant, have more respect for the global community and international agreements. While still being bureaucratic, they are working as a progressive force within the European Union.
    During the same period, the USA has set a new record of breaking up agreement after agreement, breaking international law and is gradually alienating itself from the rest of the world.
    When even the WTO disaproves of the policies the people of the United States of America has chosen by democratic elections, the people really should consider their future.

  • Bob71

    When even the policies the people of the United States of America have chosen by democratic elections are dissaproved by the WTO, the people really should consider the future of such undemocratic organizations.

  • And being annoying, boisterous creatures is a bad thing?

  • lshannon

    We think the French hate us now, how would they feel IF John “Heitz” Kerry AKA Senator Ketcup was elected Prez? I am glad we will never find out!

  • Philippe Philoppe

    Face it, this is less ridiculous than your “They hate us for our freedom” slogan.

  • Petain

    Philippe, the French hate us because we are so much more consequential than they. The language we speak so much more pervasive, and our technology even more so. The French are eaten up with envy. France is a second-rate country–jealousy and envy just make it pathetic. The salve they place on this deep cut is the self-delusion that France is still superior in all of those intangible things that can’t be measured but must be so. The French should spend less time worrying about how the US describes its enemies and more about what it’s going to do when radical islamists make up 40 percent of its population.

  • boisterous and annoying is an apt description of her mother.

  • Philippe Philoppe

    Petain, who is the French? You or me?

  • I can’t stand all the overblown France-bashing. But let me say this about ketchup.
    The only time I was ever in Paris, I never once asked for ketchup on anything. But one waiter *did* offer me ketchup for my steak in a condescending tone of voice after he heard me speaking English in my cornfed accent. I thought it was pretty weird because, at the time, I had never heard of anyone putting ketchup on a steak. Definite funny vibe there. I had no idea until later that it was part of the received stereotype of Americans. Maybe he really had gotten requests from somebody; I have no idea.
    (Most of the people in Paris were nice as long as I started the conversation by trying to speak French.)
    (Confession: I have been known to eat French fries with ketchup.)

  • Tresho

    Idries Shah, the Afghan author, told a marvelous story of an incident in a genuine French restaurant he’d visited with friends. After he asked for salt, the waiter informed the chef, who stormed out of the kitchen and angrily demanded that the entire dinner party leave the restaurant for having the gall to wish to alter a dish so perfectly prepared by the chef. They had no choice but to leave.