Shocking stupidity

Shocking stupidity
: Mayor Bloomberg admitted that various machers have not been going through the metal detector at City Hall and that’s how the shooter got in with a gun. Shocking. Stupid. Dangerous. Incredible. Bloomberg makes a big deal that now he and other officials will all go through. After 9/11 and all the security worries in New York, they should have been setting this example ages ago. When Dan White went into San Francisco’s City Hall to murder George Moscone and Harvey Milk, he had to sneak in through a basement window.

  • ken

    Maybe City Hall was too busy figuring out what they were going to ban now that they’ve abolished the evil tobacco weed from New York’s public places. Maybe the guards were out front fining people for feeding pigeons or sitting on the sidewalk.
    Then again, I’m sure the security folks fight against themselves daily to just shrug and give up because of the whining of New Yorkers who resent that THEY have to go through metal detectors.
    At my office in Midtown, people complain about having to show building i.d. God forbid anyone be inconvenience for something so silly as security.

  • Jerome Howard

    I just saw Bloomberg on the news going on about how this was the worst day he’d ever experienced in politics or business, blah blah blah. I don’t recall Giuliani dwelling too much on his own personal experiences on 9/11, even after he came close to being blown to bits that day.

  • John

    The initial recrimination reports I’ve heard said that even pre-9/11, when Giuliani was in City Hall he was so strict about security (though back then the word used to describe Rudy was more likely “paranoid”) that everyone had to go through the metal detectors. But apparently, just as people with enough clout try to avoid the long lines at the airport metal detectors, those with enough pull in NYC government were able to weedle an exemption for themselves at the City Hall scanners once Bloomberg came into office.
    That doesn’t make him personally responsible for what happened on Wednesday, of course; it’s just that if the report is true, when the investigation is launched by city politicians into the cause of the tragedy, they may need to look inward when it comes time to assign blame (though I wouldn’t count on that being found anywhere in the final report).

  • cj

    If you read your comments, I would be interested in the definition of “machers.” My understanding of this word has to do with “borders” (as in physical boundaries), and an on-line dictionary search did not produce a definition at all.
    Is your meaning “those outside boundaries that are in place for the rest of us” ?
    Thanks for the enlightenment!

  • M. Simon

    machers – German/Yiddish – maker, as in deal maker
    Idomatic English: big shot
    BTW the way to prevent any more shootings in city hall is to completely seal the building including the windows, doors, and sewers.