: Hoder has many good posts on Iran today:

Optimistically speaking, I guess the recent blocking of all blogging tools in Iran (+ my own poor weblog!) in the days of July 9th, has been a matter of security. Almost any kind of communication with outside world were cut off: cell-phones, long-distance calling cards, VoIP phone lines, satelite TVs, Internet access, and finally weblogs. It is very likely that the reformist government has arranged all of it for the fear of riots in the city and a more than possible savage reaction to them by hardliner vigilante and revolutionary guards. Because hardliners are not practically capabale of doing all this.

So I’m hopeful that the input/output channels will be opened again by saturday and people can access blogosphere again. But anyways, please spread the word. It’s very important….

Israel should be the best friend for Iran in mid-east region with all those anti-persian Arab countries….

One of the common mistakes about Iranian people is that they are anti-western. This is totally wrong. Iranians are maybe the closest people in the region to western values such as rationality, tolerance and individuality….

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