On the streets of New York

On the streets of New York
: Asparagirl’s report from the NY Iranian demo:

Nearly all–95%, I’d say–of the people there were quite obviously Iranian exiles. And where, I wondered, were all the other non-Iranian American protestors, shouting in support of nascent democratic movement against a brutal theocratic tyranny? Where were the protests from ANSWER and Amnesty International and other human rights groups? The ones who paraded and yelled so vigorously about a certain country just next door to Iran, saying something about human rights and oppression? Whose solipsistic, self-congratulatory, often logically mangled signs and banners I can still see in my head, even had I not documented them?

Needless to say, they didn’t come. And I hate to say it, but I doubt they ever will. No rock stars or country stars or actors will speak out for the Iranians. There is no glamour for them here.

: And here is Ken Wheaton’s report.

  • It’s nice rhetoric, but I think it’s more a reflection of the fact that (for better or worse) ANSWER is better at promoting and organizing an event, and that this group was sadly lacking in the media savvy to get notice for it. Lack of celebs or supportive college kids is evidence that the message didn’t get to them, not that they don’t care.

  • Anil,
    You’re completely ignoring the question of how and why some causes catch fire with celebrities and college kids and some don’t, which just makes it seem like some kind of benign or arbitrary phenomenon.
    These constituencies readily embrace causes and points of view which are generally anti US (or at least anti-US foreign policy) or anti-Israel, or anti-“globalization”. Can you think of one cause celebre of recent times that doesn’t have one of these angles in there somehow? (aside from protests about purely domestic political issues like the death penalty or abortion).
    Why are they getting these messages but not others? It can’t possibly just be random.

  • Robert Swaim

    Dreamer, you know why ANSWER, Not in our Name and others didn’t show. No political advantage, nothing to rag the U.S., Pres. Bush or our military about. These organizations (and the stars and wanna-be’s who make up their membership)care less about making a positive statement about Iran, Iraq, Cuba or the Congo. They are as you pointed out purely Anti-American, Anti-Bush and Anti-War so they have no interest in a truly democratic Iran. I see the No Show as a positive, any cause that ANSWER has an interest in would give me critical concern.