News judgment

News judgment
: The blogosphere’s news judgment is evident on Blogdex and it’s not the news judgment you’ll see on major news sites. On Blogdex right now, the top two stories are about Iran. Elsewhere (on the BBC or on Google News, for example), you won’t find Iran on the front page.

Blogdex reflects the news judgment of the audience. It reflects the news the audience cares about. The two should not disagree. But they do.

  • It strikes me as quite plausible that the audiences are different? People who maintain weblogs and comment on the news–let alone foreign policy news–are almost certainly interested in different things than those who simply watch the news.

  • I see what you’re saying Jeff, but then again “The Internet is Shit” is #6 on blogdex. The traditional media should be more responsive to stories like Iran, but I think I’m happy to have Blogdex news items not look like CNN’s home page. If they were the same, we’d need an alternative Blogdex to show us what wasn’t being covered.

  • Hundreds of people die in a tragedy in Bangladesh – three students arrested in Teheran.
    You make the news judgement.
    What happened in Iran yesterday was important but it was not big international news.

  • Andrew

    I disagree, Harry. It’s unfortunate, of course, if hundreds die in Bangladesh, but those deaths are highly unlikely to be the harbinger of massive change in Bangladesh or Southwest Asia. The protests in Iran, on the other hand, might be the first signs that the regime in Tehran is crumbling. Any change of government in Iran will have tremendous implications for the entire region. That makes the student protests big internationl news.

  • I agree with James and Andrew. With James in that Blogdex reflects the interests of bloggers, whose ranks include a disproportionate number of political junkies. BBC and Google news reflect an audience that’s much broader.
    Hundreds dying in Bangladesh is a tragedy for those that died and their families, but it has as little impact on the global geo-political situation as a tornado in Indiana.
    We’re talking about potential regime change in a large, quasi-nuclear country in the heart of the Middle East, whose present government is a major supporter of terrorism. This should be important news for everyone, but its big news on blogdex and not the others because bloggers are, frankly, generally smarter than your average bear.