Michael Ledeen on July 9

Michael Ledeen on July 9
: NRO columnist Michael Ledeen — a bit of a lightning rod on Iran who has reached out to many of the Iranian bloggers lately to make his position and support clear — writes on July 9 and the struggle for democracy in Iran:

For those who believe that revolution is a test of will, and that a regime willing to use any amount of terror required to retain power will probably survive, these are at once ominous and encouraging signs. Ominous, because this regime does not appear ready to go quietly; encouraging, because the mullahs are not facing a handful of revolutionaries, but a mass movement.

I have long argued that the United States could provide the decisive support that would guarantee success of the democratic revolution. All Iranians, from the top ayatollahs to the student organizers, believe that America is capable of guaranteeing the outcome of the conflict, and they are all trying to decipher the American strategy. Whenever President Bush speaks warmly of the demonstrators, they are enormously encouraged; whenever some other official

  • Nima

    Well it’s already begun, but it won’t result in any regime change as soon as you expect. The slower and better thought the movements goes on, the better outcomes we’ll have.
    Honestly, if you forget Iran’s nuclear programme issue, would you still be so obsessed with what goes on over there?

  • Jeff,
    We also have issues with his facts, and fear his influence. In the same article he mentions that Khatami will start running for re-election next year. The fact is Khatami can never run for President again, he’s maxed at two terms. Think Rafsanjani left because he wanted to give someone else a chance.