July 10: Why July 9 matters

July 10: Why July 9 matters
: It doesn’t matter whether 10 people or 10,000 people came out to demonstrate for freedom and democracy in Iran. Fear and hard experience kept many off the streets; the student leaders called off their demonstrations and, even so, were kidnapped by the mullahs’ thugs. There is reason for fear. Still, the numbers don’t matter. The impact is the same.

July 9 matters.

It matters because the people of Iran know that they have a cause, the cause of freedom.

The mullahs of Iran know that their people are revolting; they know their days must be numbered.

The politicians of America know there is a cause to support. I hope the politicians of other countries know this, too.

And, not insignificantly, the bloggers of Iran and the bloggers of the rest of the world have made connections. We’ve gotten to know each other and respect each other. We’ve learned the fuller story of Iran’s struggle for freedom and of Iran’s rich and real life. Iranian people have learned of Americans’ support for their cause (so what if this is not the cause of the left or of students on the streets; it is the cause of the blogosphere). And Americans have learned of Iranians’ respect for them.

And Iranian bloggers have seen that they can use this new medium to tell their stories and find support and make connections.

July 9 is just the beginning of the story. July 9 matters.