A tear

A tear
: Blue Bird Escape, the Iranian girl revisiting her homeland, is about to leave and return to America:

I was tired of being an Iranian-American girl. I wanted to be where I would only be Iranian. Unfortunately many Iranian-Americans don

  • Kirk Robinson

    I note Bluebird says:
    I will always be an Iranian first.
    I wonder what this means in a world of nations seeking the death of our country and people.

  • While optimisitc, love and patriotism alone won’t bring democracy and freedom to a country. Look at China, which has some of the most fiercely patriotic citizens in the world; Taiwan notwithstanding, the majority of the Chinese in the world are decades (if not longer) away from anything resembling liberal democracy.

  • linden

    My issue is her obviously divided loyalties. While having pride in being an Iranian is good, I’d prefer her pride in being American came first. In the case of an America-Iran war, what side would she choose?

  • I think she is talking about her Persian culture and heritage, not Iran as a political entity. That’s not divided loyalty.
    I am an American Jew, and intensely dedicated to the principles of civil liberty that make the USA what it is, but I am a Jew first.
    What is wonderful about America is that, unlike France, it doesn’t make you choose.

  • Jeremy

    If she’s an Iranian first, I wish she’d stay in Iran.
    You can’t have two countries – there will always be occasions where they are opposed. In order to belong to one, you’ll have to be a traitor to the other.

  • FF

    I read other posts of her, she talked many times to the positive maters in US. and also talk a lot about why her parents don’t want to came back to Iran and she said that now she understand that. She lives in US since 4 or 5 years ago and you can not judge her point of view about US, now. I think this post should read with other posts. Why she must stay in Iran when she got lots of things in US?

  • Jeremy: You’re being offensive. This is a 15-year-old girl you’re talking about here. She had to leave her own homeland and she wishes that the forces that made that happen were not there. She’s allowed to retain an affinity for her own culture and the land of her birth. She’s saying something far smarter than what you are giving her credit for or what you are saying: She is lamenting the state of life in her own home. Leave your love-it-or-leave-it crap on your bumper.

  • That’s what I’m thinking too Jeff. She’s growing up and trying to figure out who she really is. I’m glad the American part allows her to express what she really feels without fear. She’s going to do just fine and I, for one, sincerely hope she’ll one day move back to Iran and help to make it a better place. Not that I don’t want her to stay in the US, as thoughtful minds are always welcome, but thoughtful patriots are what Iran needs.

  • Ramin

    Iran and Iranians have never seeked death for American people. On the other hand your “president” has labeled Iran not Iranian government, an axis of evil?
    Get some perspective dude.

  • try some perspective yourself dude Ramin. It looks a lot different with your head outside your ass.

  • Kirk Robinson

    While I can’t read minds, I can read. In the last 20 years I’ve seen thousands of newspictures of in total millions of Iranians carrying signs saying “Death to the US” and similar quite frank calls for American deaths.

  • Nima

    I agree with you that there were such slogans,but it was not AT ALL intended at the american people; Never, Never!
    At that times iranians were angry of the US because it helped Iraq in the war,…
    Iranians wanted to condemn policies of the american govt, that’s all.
    Remeber that Iranians were one of the nations that showed great compassion with the americans for the disaster of 9/11,lighting candles in the streets and chanting slogans against the terrorists.
    While the iranian govt is evil, iranian people are very good.Ask people that have travelled to iran.

  • I’ve known a lot of Iranian expats… and if the people over there are anything like the ones I’ve met, Iran easily has the potential to be great, prosperous, sane and free. Of course, talking to people who have left the country always introduces a sampling bias. But that’s my experience of Iranians.

  • Ramin

    You don’t need to read minds, all you need to do is turn CNN off and get your news and facts somewhere else. Here’s a good start too.
    At least, Khatami has never used any bad language towards the US but the “junior” either doesn’t have a decency to watch what he’s blurting out or he’s simply ignorant. How about that huh?