And God told me to smite the Democrats and I smote them

And God told me to smite the Democrats and I smote them
: Haaretz says it obtained selected minutes from the negotiations for a cease-fire among Palestinian PM Abbas the other Palestinian groups. It’s interesting reading throughout but then here’s the blockbuster paragraph:

According to Abbas, immediately thereafter Bush said: “God told me to strike at al Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East. If you help me I will act, and if not, the elections will come and I will have to focus on them.”

If Bush really thinks that God is speaking to him and giving him military orders…. well, arrggh. Let’s hope this gained something in the translation. [via Harry Hatchet]

  • Jay Gilbert

    Another possibility: it’s an accurate translation, with Bush just playing to his audience.

  • Mike G

    Although my first guess would be that this is Abbas casting it in religious terms because it makes Bush an easy villain for his audience, I also like the idea that Bush knows he’s scarier to them as the hand of an avenging Christian God than as a mere American president, of the kind they’ve jerked around forever. I really hoping he’s mindfucking them that way…

  • waffles

    No, I think Bush is mindfucking us Americans first and foremost. Is it good for you? Cigarette anyone?

  • T. Hartin

    Oh, please. How anyone can rely on the verbatim wording of second-hand hearsay in such a politically charged forum is beyond me.

  • Larry Mangan

    And Abbas is such a reliable source …. NOT!!
    I do get a kick out of the idea that he is messing with their heads if he did say it.

  • adam

    Take your pick:
    1. Bush is messing with Abbas’s head.
    2. Abbas is messing with the terrorists’ heads.
    3. The translator is messing with our heads.
    4. The translator is messing with the reporter’s head.
    5. Either some, or all of {Bush, Abbas, the translator, or the reporter} is messing with our heads.
    Is this an LSAT question?

  • lindenen

    Or Bush is seriously messed up in the head.

  • lindenen

    Better yet… Cheney IS god.

  • Jeremy

    Well, maybe it is God telling him… It is pretty good advice…

  • people that hear voices in their heads are usually regarded as mentally ill. anyways, it’s not the first time george w. bush is claiming to receive messages from god.

  • balbulican

    Interesting to watch the stacking of rationales occur, so that there is a response for any contingency.
    1) He didn’t say it.
    2) Okay, he said something like it, but the translator or reporter got it wrong.
    3) Okay, he said it, but it was “strategic misinformation”.
    4) Okay, he said it and meant it. So? God never talks to YOU?

  • Steve Regn

    There is another possibility that you all forgot to consider. Maybe there really is a God, and maybe he speaks to everyone. And just maybe most people tune him out like a teenager getting a be-home-on-time lecture.

  • balbulican

    The prevalence in the US that America’s foreign policy is being channelled from God directly to George Bush is one of the reasons that other countries are a bit nervous about seeing America unilaterally adopt the role of Globocop.

  • scottyo

    Bush, I beleive, has many times stated that God has called upon him to do this or that, has put him in this place at this time for this purpose. So what? I wish all our leaders had the courage of their conviction to believe that they have been challenged by God. For that is the true belief of the evangelical Christian. God does not give us orders, but leads us to a particular place and challeges us for the solution. Only the brave dare rise to God’s challenges. Repeat: God is not talking to him, but working through him. That, I think, is Bush’s belief system. And GOD BLESS HIM for it.

  • balbulican

    The 9/11 hijackers had quite a bit in common with Mr. Buss, then. Each of them also believed that that, as you put it, “…God has called upon him to do this or that, has put himin this place at this time for this purpose”, and that God was “working through him”.
    God has a funny habit of agreeing with and endorsing the political views of the leaders to whom He speaks, even if they happen to be on opposite sides of the fence. This is what makes Him a bit suspect as a political advisor: it’s also why Church is (at least under most Presidents) at arm’s length from state. It’s also one reason why those who don’t share Mr. Bush’s view that God has chosen him as an agent of Divine purpose are a bit nervous about entrusting him with our collective peace and security.

  • cmonks

    Amen to that, balb.

  • George

    I have no links, but I remember on a number of occasions commentators having a fit about how Bush said ‘God told me to’ do this and that, when what he actually said was more along the lines of ‘I prayed for guidance on this issue, and believe…’.
    There’s a world of difference between the two.

  • scottyo

    Re: bulbican
    Yes, the hijackers and Bush do have something in common. They both believe in something. But that is where the similarities stop. Having a religion is not the same as killing three thousand people for that religion. Religion only exists in the mind.
    So, you dont have to believe that God has chosen Bush. That’s his belief in himself and his God. It’s really little different than saying, “I went to Harvard and therefore I Believe I am smart enough to solve this problem this particular way.” But by invoking God, Bush removes the relativist doubt that can paralyze a leader or commander. This does not change anything, except in the believers mind. The end result is the same if a pickle is talking to Bush. Should one be judged differently because of his faith? Or should we judge a person’s faith by the actions done in its name? Forget the motivations, the Act is the thing. So, as for me, I believe God wants me to have another beer. oops, now I’m a freaking terrorist.
    Also, while we do separate between Church and State. We shouldn’t expect our leaders to separate themselves from their religion.

  • cmonks

    Uh-oh. It appears God’s been talking to Bush again:
    Reuters article.

  • Chad P.

    No mention of God, or faith, or belief, or Christianity, or anything close in the Reuters article you point to, cmonks. Looks like you’re just another loser/Dowdian snarkster wannabe who’s let his frothing, irrational hatred of all things Bush wreak havoc with his reading comprehension or ability to reason.

  • cmonks

    Ouch Chad P. Grr. What big claws you have. Mean reactionary suits you. That shirt on the other hand, well, I’ve seen better ones at JC Penneys. Try again.
    My only point with the article is that I bet my two cousins in Iraq will no doubt love that Bush is taunting what remaining wacko Iraqi militants are left. As if being a soldier over there wasn’t hard enough. Now Bush is channeling the spirit of Freddie Blassie and Capt. Lou Albano as if this war was some sort og WWE event. Where’s Big John Stud when you need him?

  • Ramin

    Just wondering …
    Is there any difference between Junior and Mullah that are governing in Iran? it sounds like both are taking “the orders” from God Almighty.

  • KMK

    The bigger issue might be the election being a distraction from the road map. I think this quote was Abu Mazen’s understanding in Arabic of what Bush said in English, written down in Arabic, then translated back into English. Is there a link to the quote?

  • Steve Regn

    The difference is that the Mullahs do not serve God. They serve a false religious power structure of people that use them as puppets. George W asks guidance from the one true God as did David, Solomon, and the founding fathers of America.

  • Dark Avenger

    The Mullahs would say that as a Christian, Bush is serving a false God, and that they serve the One who spoke to Moses, David, Solomon, Christ, and Mohammed. They would point out that the success (from their point of view) of 9/11 as the Will of Allah, and how it shows that Allah is against Bush. They would say that the failure of capture Bin Laden, Mullah Omar, and Saddam is proof that Allah is on their side. Lacking a burning bush or other clear sign of a divine will, they cannot be proven wrong, just as the last post cannot be proven wrong.

  • balbulican

    Thanks for that clarification, Steve. It is a great boon and a blessing for a politician to have access to the One True God. And it certainly underscores the ingratitude of the rest of the world, large portions of which persist in mistakenly believing that they, in fact, are talking to the One True God. Even that Pope, who certainly seemed to talking to a different One True God a few months ago.

  • Steve Regn

    You’re welcome. Glad I could help.

  • Ramin

    Steve, dude, you made me laugh really hard. Bush asking guidance from one true God?
    perhaps Bush and his God have same interest in Middle East eh? how about Dick C and his oil enterprise? does he consult God almighty every night?
    Do you know if Bush teaches bible lessons or not? I am just curious ;-)

  • Ramin

    Steve, check this out
    written by an American to an “American”

  • Steve Regn

    Sorry guys, but I can’t change the truth so that it fits your worldview.