: The Times of London writes about writing weblogs and says something nice about this very bit of bytes (though I’m the very former editor of EW):

Jeff Jarvis, the editor of Entertainment Weekly, is quick to pick up on showbiz buzz, but has lately been tracking weblog culture in Iraq and Iran. Unlike most bloggers, he can actually write.

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    I don’t agree that the rest of us can’t write.

  • Words, what they mean by that, UGH ‹/CAVEMAN›

  • cool for you big boy
    they forgot to say
    and hes a really nice guy

  • Eli, Jerusalem

    as i mentioned once before,
    most of the blogers are
    LINKERS with heavy copy+paste
    from the source, while jeff
    reflects a more journalistic
    blogging style with a larger
    added value to his posts.
    Eli, Jerusalem

  • it’s great that you gain such an attention, you deserve’s good for the whole blogging concept, I’m sure. btw, Thanks for adding me (it’s a little late though)