World Stupidity Awards

World Stupidity Awards
: Well, how could I have missed the World Stupidity Awards:

:Stupidest Person in the World – Former Iraqi Information Minster Saeed al-Sahaf.

Stupidest Government in the World – People’s Republic of North Korea

Media Outlet which has made greatest Contribution to Furthering Ignorance Worldwide – CNN

Stupidity Award for Reckless Endangerment of the Planet – U.S. President George W. Bush

Stupidest Trend or form of Mass Hysteria – Humans destroying the planet

Stupidest Film of the Year – Kangaroo Jack

Stupidest Person in Canada – Prime Minister Jean Chretien

Hmmm. If only I’d had the chance to nominate Jacques Chirac as Stupidist Head of State; BBC as Stupidist Network, Canada as Stupidist Former American Ally. Any other nominees?

  • Victor

    Hm. So you’d pick Canada over France and Germany as the stupidest _former_ US ally? Can’t say I agree with you there. We stood by Americans on September the 11th (when hundreds of flights were diverted to Canadian airports and countless Canadians invited Americans into their homes, though Canada was inexplicably left off the President’s list of countries who supported the US during that most difficult of times), we stood by you in Afganistan (only to have our troops bombed by US pilots, but let’s not dwell on that), and, in spite of our occasional differences, we will surely continue to stand by you in the future. You shouldn’t write us off just because our current prime minister is a blithering idiot, and frankly I’m surprised and saddened that you would (you _were_ only kidding, right?).

  • Canada’s military contribution in the latest war in Iraq has been more than any country in the coalition of the willing except Britain and Australia. So what makes you think that Canada should be the “stupidest former ally”?

  • JFM

    Do I, have to remind you that Poland made a bigger contribution than Canada?

  • balbulican

    Canada as the U.S.’s “stupidist” (sic) former ally? I wasn’t aware that we were a “former” ally.
    An “alliance” which requires that all parties unquestioningly and support the military actions and foreign policy of the strongest member is not an “alliance”…it’s an empire.
    I think TRS (Talk-Radio Syndrome) is an occupational hazard of blogging…the need to occasionally make offensive and foolish statements to elicit a reaction. You know better than that, J.

  • LoL. Stupidist Former ally? We get enough American big media here in the north, that I’m not going to bite on this one.
    Perhaps bloggers can to help educate, if I may quote a top notch blogger:
    The Internet — and particularly, weblogs — brings connections, not disconnections, understanding, not misunderstanding.
    Blog on!

  • balbulican

    Actually, maybe I’m not giving Jeff enough credit. Perhaps “Stupidist” is not a typo, but a classification…like “Communist” or “Capitalist”. Perhaps he is heralding the launch of a global “Stupidist” Movement to celebrate human folly, revel in the decline of critical through, and rejoice in the sweet simplicity of ignorance.
    Now collecting subscriptions…

  • I have to back up some of the data in my earlier comment with some links.
    Canada, at the same time, sent in troops in Afghanistan whereby the US freed up more of its forces for the war in Iraq. That makes Canada’s contrinution to the war even more than Australia according to the columnist.
    The other point is that if two friends cannot disagree with each other from time to time, I don’t know what kind of a friendship that could be.

  • Victor

    The kind of friendship JFM and balbulican had in mind, evidently. When we help the US, it’s taken for granted and immediately forgotten. If, god forbid, we should fail to back them up quite as vigorously as they would like, however, we’re branded a “former ally” in no time. I have always been (and remain) a firm supporter or the US, but this kind of talk is very disheartening; while Jeff’s nomination was probably made in jest, the likes of JFM and babulician seem to have taken it very seriously indeed.

  • Victor

    Actually, it looks like I totally misread balbulican’s post (I seem to have missed the first one and subsequently misunderstood the follow up). My apologies.

  • ramin

    Sounds like it bothers some people to see that our prime minister didn’t fall for the fictious war the US was leading.

  • hal

    I have a nomination, Jeff. You; stupidest in any category you wish to choose.

  • Chretien may be stupid but at least he didn’t con Canadians into supporting an illegal war (like Bush) or lie to and go against the will of the people he supposedly represents (Blair tried to con them – but Brits tend to be less ignorant than Americans).

  • T. Hartin

    Destroying the planet? WTF? This is a big old ball of rock; we couldn’t destroy it even if we set off all of our nukes at once.
    Illegal war? WTF? The Congress of the US authorized the war per the US Constitution. It was as legal as any war ever is.
    Endangering the planet? WTF? Bush leads a war to take out crackpot dictatorships with proven histories of seeking nuclear weapons, and HE is the one “endangering the planet”?

  • Bush saved iraq but hardly the planet!
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