Beeb not kosher

Beeb not kosher
: Israel may be going a bit far but it got so fed up with the BBC and its “repeated ‘demonisation’ of the country” that it has cut off the network:

The move will involve a refusal to put up official spokesmen for BBC interviews. There will be visa restrictions, not imposed on other news organisations in Israel, to ensure that the bureau chief is rotated every few months and to make it hard for BBC staff to report.

  • What other means were left to them? Their options for protesting were limited, at best. There comes a point when “enough is enough” doesn’t even begin to express justifiable outrage.

  • Jody Tresidder

    Yes, this is going too far and will likely misfire but by golly have they been provoked. Sometimes it has seemed as if the BBC has been determined to conflate Israel with the IRA.

  • you know good for them
    one thing you must always say about israel
    regardless of your politics
    and religion
    is that they dont take shit forever
    i mean they have taken it up the wazoo
    from day one
    and if they cant get a fair deal
    if they cant be reported on honestly
    and without bias
    then i agree with them
    maybe this will teach the BBC to keep its
    anti semitism at home
    and take only its objective honor to work

  • Jeremy

    IRA? The BBC portrays Israel to be the worst country in the world, combining all the worst bits of Apartheid South Africa and Nazi Germany.
    I mean, that recent broadcast claimed the Israelis were using a secret poison gas on the Palestinians. If that isn’t an attempt to equate them with Nazis (and how they treated Jews), then I don’t what it is…

  • The Beeb has been broadcasting outright lies about Israel (most recently the “Using Nerve Gas in the territories” one in that same article) and gives Israel no right of response. While I will agree that it’s not going to help Israel, I don’t think the situation as it was was working either.
    Mr Seaman added:

  • kkl

    I say good for Israel.

  • Go Israel Go

    No desperate measure of censorship will suppress the truth that Israel is indeed the worst example of racism on the planet today. Systematic violation of human rights and ethnic cleansing do make it into the news.

  • BF

    “No desperate measure of censorship…”
    Jews and Palestinians are virtually indistinguishable genetically. They are the SAME RACE. This conflict is political and religious, and to paint it otherwise demonstrates your narrow-minded bigotry.
    How often, by comparison, do you hear about the plight of Tibet, annexed illegally by China after WWII without provocation – and subjected to continuing human rights abuses for over 50 years?
    Where is the BBC outrage?
    Where are the UK professors refusing to admit graduate students from China?
    Where are the UN resolutions calling China racist?
    Where is the BBC outrage over the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Arab countries over the last 55 years?
    THAT SELECTIVITY is nothing short of racism.

  • T. Hartin

    We have already seen that the Beeb and other news outlets will fellate a donkey if it will get them better access. I think the Israeli strategy may be just the thing to “encourage” the Beeb to see things their way.

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