That says it all

That says it all
: Kucinich came in second?

  • This is not unlike when some Republicans turned toward Buchanon when they felt the hard-right’s voice wasn’t being heard enough by their party, is it not? Kucinich represent the hard-left, so it makes sense that libs and prog dems would give him their votes as a protest against the Liebermans, Kerrys and Gepharts. It makes a lot of sense.

  • Sean

    Ironic, isn’t it? The organization that hosted this poll was formed to combat the Clinton Impeachment, under the theory that the best way out of that mess was to Censor Clinton and “move on.”
    So why won’t “MoveOn”, well, move on?

  • Kucinich has been gaining a lot of support lately and I think this ‘primary’ proves he is to be taken seriously.

  • Most treatments of Kucinich’s candidacy seem to treat him as simply more liberal than the average Democratic candidate. But he’s got a weird, paranoid fringe streak as well. This is the man who once sponsored a bill to protect Americans from orbital mind control weapons and “chemtrails.”
    (If you haven’t heard of the latter: some conspiracy theorists think that most airliner contrails are really clouds of chemicals being sprayed by the government to do something nefarious to us, and they claim to be able to distinguish “chemtrails” from ordinary contrails by visual distinctions accessible to the keen-eyed; a Google search will bring up huge amounts of this material. Sometimes they experience elaborate psychosomatic symptoms after seeing contrails in the sky.)
    The mind-control and chemtrail clauses were part of Kucinich’s bill to prevent the militarization of space, and were removed in later versions of the bill. I suppose in principle it can’t hurt to outlaw chemtrails and orbital mind-control weapons, kind of like the guy who supposedly got a court order preventing George H. W. Bush from shooting lasers into his brain (the judge got rid of him by just granting the order; now Bush is prohibited from shooting lasers into the guy’s brain). But to sponsor such a thing seems indicative of inattention to reality.

  • BJ

    No, I think what pretty much says it all is Howard Dean taking damn near 45% of the vote, with his nearest competitor (Kucinich) coming in at just under 25%.

  • I voted for Sharpton. I think he can still win, perhaps as part of the Sharpton/Kucinich ticket:
    As for the chemtrails, I only listen to Art Bell/George Nouri occasionally, and I’m not up on the latest in chemtrails research. However, the U.S. military has occasionally conducted top secret chemical and bio tests on unsuspecting civilians and soldiers. That doesn’t mean there’s anything to chemtrails, it’s just something to keep in mind before completely dismissing it as heavy-duty tin foil hat material.