‘I tried not to think of the impossibilities’

‘I tried not to think of the impossibilities’
: Blue Bird Escape — the wonderful weblog by the teen girl visiting her homeland, Iran — gives us another simply eloquent entry in the diary of her trip:

Shiraz is very different from Tehran. It is much quieter and has less traffic. Though it is very hot.

It is now 9:50 P.M. We just came back from Hafezieh — the grave stone of the great Iranian poet. It was a beautiful spot to pray and think. Although it gives a sad feeling, it is very quiet and pleasant. We stayed there for a while and said our prayers. I thanked God for giving me the best and I wished for my family safety and happiness. I wished the people of Iran lots of luck.

The wind was blowing a bit, a nice cool wind through the hot air. I was happy.

People of Shiraz seem to be happy in their own way of life. Whenever we go out they look at us constantly. I guess they know we are not from Shiraz.

Today is Thursday, our last day in Shiraz. Tomorrow we will leave around noon. Right now I’m sitting in a restaurant. I have just finished my kabob. There is live music here. They are singing old Iranian songs. My mom would have liked this place.

As the days end and my journey comes to an end I feel sad, but I remind myself that everything ends. I have been very lucky to have this wonderful visit to my country.

We are in a beautiful garden. It is very beautiful. There is an old palace here. My sister and I are falling in love with this palace; the big dining room, living room, and all its other parts. As a joke I told her I will have my wedding there. It is a perfect place for a wedding.

We sat on a bench under the trees and thought of our dreams.

“Unfortunately we live in this country,”is what my sister said when we were eating pizza for dinner. In Iran no matter what you talk about it always leads to politics and ends with anger and disappointment. If I ask someone what’s new in Iran, they will say there is nothing to tell, tell us about America.

I hate being only an individual and not having the ability to do something.

At Hafezieh we touched his gravestone and said a few prayers. At night some people were sitting on steps, heads down, in their own thoughts. I became sad, I tried not to think of the impossibilities.