Al-Queda No. 2 nabbed

Al-Queda No. 2 nabbed
: I see this at the German site Focus and not yet on any of the English-language news sites: The right hand of Osama bin Laden is in captivity, according to an Arab TV report. Aiman el Sawahiri (German spelling) and other al-Queda members were reportedly in Iran.

: Drudge has it now too. Don’t know why it’s taking so long to spread. This is big news.

  • hi

    The link doesn’t work.

  • Joshua Chamberlain

    Major media is waiting for their “usual sources” to give them the “leak of the week.”

  • Huge news. IF TRUE. We’ve heard this before re: Iran, and it always turns out to be a mirage. To coin a phrase:
    “Show me the mullahs!”