: We’re blogging the beach!

That’s right. Forget about politics, war, the law, religion, life, and death.

We’re blogging bodies!

And I couldn’t be prouder.

Here’s the Beach Blog.

On top of that, you can control the cam on the beach at the Jersey Shore with ZoomCam.

Enjoy, you poor office rat.

: And, shame on me, I neglected to send you to our Michigan Beach Cam. Yes, Michigan beach.

  • rj

    What, we’re chopped liver over here?

  • Jarvis, you chauvenist pig.
    BTW, the live Beach cam wasn’t working…

  • What is this? How pathetic?
    Multimedia her ass. Childish shit. Sorry,, but very lame. Or some stupid inside joke. Glad you made somebody happy.

  • Rich Cook

    Dem women look FINE!!!

  • Charlie

    Ok, Rich, I give up — how can you tell their party affiliation?

  • Yeah, you’d better include Michigan. More coastline than any state besides Alaska, don’t ya know?*
    *No, I don’t have a reference. Just a random bit of knowledge from somewhere in my brain. But it’s true, I tell you. True.

  • As long as I don’t see any pictures, any pictures at all, of Jarvis in his bathing suit I’ll keep coming back.

  • Actually, that’s a good idea. I think that to promote my site, I’ll launch a Laguna Beach California Girl of the Day feature. Each day, a different girl jpg taken at the beach. it will be neck and neck until about end of september and then the california weather will let me pull ahead.

  • Rich Cook

    I was using English venacular (Dem for Them). No party affilation. Fine women can be found anywhere. Cheers.