All work and no play…

All work and no play…
: Thanks to Aaron Swartz [via hEiko] we have a new Google game: I looked to see what ads Google AdSense would place on my blog. They include:

Surviving Terrorism

Help your family in case of attack…

3’x5′ World Flags $9.95

Buy 6+ polyester flags at $6.00 each or 12+ at $5.00 each….

Israel & Palestine

The occupation is killing us all. Action options to end the conflict…

Man, I gotta lighten up.

So does Glenn Reynolds:

Help ARC Help Iraq

Help the American Refugee Committee provide relief in Iraq….

Help the Iraqi People

All of your tax-deductible gift goes to Iraq humanitarian relief…

Now look at what it would place on Gawker:


Grand Canyon Helicopters

Helicopter Tours,Canyon Hotel Rooms Las Vegas & Grand Canyon, Savings…

Fun, fun, fun.

Now Raymi:

Day Quit Smoking Plan

Ends Addiction Quickly, Gently, Repairs Damage to Skin & Body…

San Diego Hypnosis Center

Rapid results for smoking, stress, weight loss, and emotional issues.

I could think of a few more endemic advertisers.

  • Hmm.. Putting in brings up John Kerry for 2004 for president.
    Good for Kerry, secured his base already and going for Bushes.

  • That’s Poot… Mr. Rootbeer if you’re nasty

    Jeff, are you going to let Gawker get away with calling you a “Conde Nasty”?
    Well I never.

  • Jeremy

    Blogspot does the same thing. It tailors the ads it shows by what you write on your site.

  • If you want patriotic lapel pins and flags, my site’s got you covered. Weak.
    Maybe I ought to lighten up a bit, too. Might link to

  • mog

    Trying to figure out what I did wrong as I got all charities and figured it might be this:
    #go away
    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /
    Google didn’t spider my site.